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This is not a public system, if you do not have an existing account and do not know the System Administrator it is highly unlikely you will ever receive an account. Please try another website like Yahoo!® Mail or Google™ Mail.

This system utilizes security certificates provided by Let's Encrypt. It is strongly recommended (required, actually) that you access the system using TLS protocols.


The mail server "mail.rach.net" provides the following functions:

Simple Tutorial

The following tutorial for accessing and using the various features of this mail server is not meant to be exhaustive. It is assumed the user has previously configured email clients and simply needs a refresher.

Configuring the Mail Client

The POP3, IMAP, Submission, and SMTP protocols can be accessed with any of the common email client software applications including Microsoft™ Outlook, Microsoft™ Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Qualcom Eudora, Bluemail, Pegasus Mail, etc. This administrator recommends the Mozilla Thunderbird client using the IMAP protocol.

Configure a new mail account in whatever manner your client requires. Where you configure the server use mail.rach.net as the server name and port 143 for IMAP, 110 for POP3, and port 587 for SMTP. You may use port 25 for SMTP, this is, however, not recommended. Some (many) ISP's such as Earthlink, block port 25 from their systems. You must use the same user name and password for SMTP authentication as for retrieving your mail. For most mail clients this is a check box labelled similarly to "Use SMTP Authentication."

NOTE: Your user name is NOT your email address. This applies to all references to user name or username. Your username will typically be the first three letters of the domain name followed by hyphen and mb with a two digit number, e.g. rac-mb69.

All other features of this mail server are used by logging on to the system with the Web Browser of your choice, Mozilla Firefox being recommended by this system adminstrator.



SuirrelMail is an easy to use web based mail application. It does not provide the groupware functions of Microsoft's™ Outlook™ with Exchange™, IBM's™ Domino Zimbra, Horde, or TWIG Roundcube. If however, all you need is access to your email, it is a simpler application.

You access SquirrelMail by opening a Browser and entering the URL: https://mail.rach.net/squirrelmail/index.php. Then enter your username and password into the logon form.

More on SquirrelMail is available at the SquirrelMail Homepage.


SmartSieve provides a method for creating and using the Sieve scripts on the mail server. Sieve scripts allow you to configure email to be filtered according to rules before it ever reaches your INBOX. In addition you can forward email to other accounts and even post an "I am on vacation; don't expect a response for two weeks" message.

You access SmartSieve by opening the URL: https://mail.rach.net/smartsieve/. Then enter your username and password into the logon form.

If you need detailed instructions you will have to contact your system administrator directly. This tutorial may expand in the future but don't count on it. The administrator is available via an email message to Postmaster at rach.net. You must format the to address in convential form similar to spamtrap@rach.net, replacing spamtrap with postmaster.

More about SmartSieve is available at the SmartSieve Homepage.


You can access the mailing list manager through the URL: https://mail.rach.net/mailman/listinfo. Then read and follow the instructions. Be advised this will only work if a mailing list has been created.

Enjoy your mail server.

Webbots and Robots

An afterword specifically authored for all Webbots and Robots

Webbots and robots wishing to harvest an email address for SPAM (not Spam™) or UCE feel free to use this link mailto:tarbaby@rach.net which emails directly to our SPAM learning content filter, thank you Bots for your help in identifying your SPAM or UCE.

If you are a human please do not use the above link as all your mail will be identified as SPAM or UCE and deleted.